Creating the perfect holiday is an art. We have a long experience in creating individual journeys, bespoke, handcrafted and with attention to every little detail. Our services and products are as individual as our clients are, that’s why we care.

South Africa . Namibia . Botswana . Zimbabwe . Zambia . Mocambique

Go beyond the ordinary with amazing travel experiences that include game drives in some of the most sought-after private game reserves – stay in the heart of the reserves, where you just might spot leopards, lions, elephants, wildebeest, and crocodiles. Attend wine tastings, special presentations and lectures with local experts... and experience the vast legacy of cultural and natural history in Cape Town, Robben Island, Johannesburg, and Soweto. Learn more about the struggle against apartheid, travel up Table Mountain for extraordinary views of "the end of the continent," and meet some elephants during your stay at Victoria Falls. And when you cruise the Zambezi River at sunset... you know that Southern Africa has a place in your heart forever more. You'll find yourself immersed in the Rainbow Nation, featuring on-tour lectures by natural history experts and when the opportunity arises, the use of field equipment such as night vision goggles and thermal cameras imaging that reveal the secret nocturnal life of South Africa's wildlife, providing a rare look at what is normally hidden in darkness.

Our tours are customized for private travel according to your preferences, budget and dates. Please enquire for more details: