Social Responsibility

Selective Choice supports the “Little Lambs“- Seeds Trust

Imizamo Yethu, also known as Mandela Park, is situated in Hout Bay and is one of Cape Town’s many “townships”. It is one of the smaller informal settlements around Cape Town sheltering people in huts built out of cardboard, sheets of iron, wood and sometimes stone. Many social problems arise out of the explosive mix of unemployment, poverty, immense growth of population, aids and crime. With the help of Marlis Schaper, a German national, a nursery school was established in this desolated area. 200 “little lambs” are lovingly guided, mentored and educated everyday and the children also receive a warm meal. Still, the lack of funding is a huge problem. You can help and influence the lives of the children positively and sustainably.

Please visit the website and get to know a little bit more about the project. With a kind donation from you, we can improve the future of many children and their parents.

A donation can be paid via:

Ein Herz für Kinder – Bild hilft e.V.
Deutsche Bank / Konto Nr. 0238238 / BLZ 200 700 00
Reference: Little Lambs/Selective Choice

All funds will go to the institution directly and there are no administrative costs involved.